Friday, July 10, 2009

Omnium Gervais-Talbot Golf Tournament

Last week (July 3rd), the annual Omnium Gervais-Talbot weekend took place. Teri S., one of our loyal HftL readers was LUCKY enough to be in attendance and share some of her pictures!

She also has a pretty detailed account of her trip on her blog, Creations in Fiber and Thread, if you would enjoy reading about her weekend!

Check back with HftL sometime later for more pictures from that weekend!

ALSO, we have another readers personal account of the Letang signing at the DVD Premiere from earlier this week. I hope to have that up sometime this weekend!

HftL is SO LUCKY to have such special readers - THANK YOU!!


Cat said...

Thank you so much for this post! I may be dying of jealousy, but any information about sweetie Max always makes me a bit giddy. :)
THanks for the link too, I popped over to read it all. Now I'll just have to suffer waiting for the pictures to be posted.
Thanks again!

Stephanie said...

My pleasure, Cat!!! THANKS for posting a comment!! ; )

mtfree said...

Yes, thank you so very much for posting this! I just love Max! I am hoping that Max is resting comfortably after his shoulder surgery on Tuesday.

Val said...

Clicked on the link, beautiful...thanks so much for always making such excellent pens info available to us, and I loved the other link as well as yours!