Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Videos of TK and Tangers on Pittsburgh Today Live!!


Here's video of today's interview of Kris Letang and Tyler Kennedy on Pittsburgh Today Live. There are two extra videos of both of them giving the weather forecast - FUN (you actually get to see a side of Tangers you don't usually see - he appears to be more outgoing than usual!)!!!!!!!

"Our fans are loud and they get excited which gets us excited!" - Tyler Kennedy

I don't know about you guys, but I NEVER GET TIRED of watching this stuff and the players talk about the win (and the parade, and the fans, and EVERYTHING!)!!!


Jay said...

Okay, I'm officially a dork. I started watching the videos, and I checked HftL to see if you had heard about them!

They're so hilarious, I laughed so hard my eyes started to tear up.

My favorite part is when Tanger starts dancing, like he doesn't know he's still camera.

Stephanie said...

@Jay - this was GREAT to watch; I was laughing hysterically myself and then had my husband watch it and we were both laughing!! THESE are the gems and why I love our guys so much!!!! It just makes you want to hang out with them!!!

Cat said...

LMAO Who knew that Tanger had such a great sense of humor? Ok, at least I didn't. He always seems so quiet and introverted in interviews. I love how TK gives Tanger's holiday plans up for everyone to know. I'll bet there were at least a few ladies making flight arrangements after that segment! What an awesome group of guys the Pens are. Such a special group of men. Not a loser or punk among them.

Stephanie said...

@Cat - I could've died when TK told everyone that Tanger was going to the Bahamas. And the thing about Pittsburgh teams is that they're all classy (there's a certain amount of character they posess as people) - that's what makes their winning and being a fan so special!!