Sunday, July 12, 2009

First-Hand Account of Letang Signing at DVD Premiere

Here at HftL, we're lucky enough to have generous readers who want to share their Penguins stories and experiences.

Last week, HftL reader Lexie H. attended the DVD Premiere signing with Kris Letang and even though she and her friend arrived too late to actually get an autograph, she was able to get a few good pictures!!

... there was a three and a half waiting time for a two hour signing! So Lizzy and i just got some Pictures and Left!

THANKS Lexie!!


Kiki_isTHEbunny said...

damn, could that boy be any finer!! he's like a chocolate chip cookie I would like to dunk over and over in a glass of milk :)

Stephanie said...

@Kiki isTHEbunny - Tanger is pretty fine and I think the fact that he appears unaware that he's fine makes him even sexier!!! And that hair -- DON'T get me started!!
: P