Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Macho

OK -- I couldn't resist posting this. It's the Penguins prospects in the weight room (focus is mainly on talking to Mike Kadar, the strength and conditioning coach), but this is like a whole lotta testosterone (and YES - I'm really missing hockey - can you tell?!!)!

But before we get to the video, I found a really interesting group on Facebook this weekend and thought I'd share it with all of you:

According To Playboy, Hockey Players Make the Best Lovers

Couldn't we all have guessed this? I mean, there has to be a logical reason why we're all so attracted to them. The group's description:
In an article published in Playboy, it was noted that hockey players make the best lovers. The article backed this statement by noting that hockey players have a strong and flexible core, leading to superior abdominal thrusts.
Enough of that -- here's the video, so enjoy ladies!!


Jay said...

RE: Playboy article--ahahahahahaha! Seriously, I'm giggling like a school girl.

Val said...

@Jay - I'm with you in the giggle it!

@Stephanie - thanks for that testorone video on an early Monday morning, what more could we ask for to start the day? :)

Cat said...

Whoa! A loaded statement combined with that video is almost too much to handle all at once!
btw - you're making me desperate to marry a hockey player. Guess I'll have to quit my job and go a stalk'n. ;)

Stephanie said...

@Jay - I did the same thing (but in the back of my head, I've always wondered if it was true!)!!
: P

@Val - I'm glad HftL always seems to start your day off right (there's no better way sometimes than with a studly HP or two!)!!

@Cat - I learned too late that marrying a HP was a dream of mine (since I married an accountant), so I must live vicariously through you guys (I'm banking on you and Kena and all you other single ladies to land one!)!! : P said...

im going for andy bathgate.

hey, im young.

kris letang would be good too. said...

oh my goodness.

i just saw the video.

65 more days until hockey season.
65 65 65 65
oh god i cant wait

im fanning myself like a southern girl on a 100 degree day.