Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tenk's Championship Tattoos

I found this on Twitter. Tattoos appear to be popular with the Penguins players as this is the second one we've seen paying tribute to their recent Stanley Cup victory.

As you can see from the other tattoo, this is the art displayed on Ruslan Fedotenko's back - one for his championship with the TB Lightning in 2004 and another for his championship with the Penguins.



Jay said...

I love the commemorative tattoos, Duper's and Tenk's. Is it just me, or is the Pens version a little bigger than the Lightening one? :D

Stephanie said...

@Jay -- nope, not just you; I believe it is bigger (and I've seen other people make mention of that too!)!!

PK_37 said...

I was wondering who Tenk was. I thought it was supposed to Kris Letang for a moment=/

Anyways, I also noticed that the Pen's one seemed bigger. Perhaps its because he's planning to add more years to it.