Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gill to Bring Stanley Cup to Alma Mater

I received a tip from reader, Shoshana K., letting me know that Hal Gill will have the Cup on Thursday, August 13th and will be bringing it to his hometown in Bolton, Massachusetts. One of the places he plans to take it to is his alma mater, Nashoba Regional High School, where he was a 1993 graduate and will host "Coffee with the Cup" that morning (it appears to coincide with the school's "Bolton Fair").

Fans will have the opportunity toGill and have their picture taken with Lord Stanley for $10 - proceeds going to the Community Competition Complex project at the high school.

THANKS for the "heads-up" Shoshana - it's much appreciated!!

Also - be sure to check back for times (and any other events scheduled for this day) -- I'll post them as soon as I learn of them!!


Cat said...

THank you to Shoshana! And thanks to you too Stephanie! Depending on the time I should be able to make it there. Eeee! So excited!!!

PK_37 said...

Thanks to both of you for the update!

Cat - I hope you get to make it there!

Val said...

@Cat - if you make it, you are in charge of photographic evidence that you were actually there, meaning pics please :)

pens87fan71 said...

OhMyGod I REALLY want to go....Im going to see what i can do to get you know if he will be signing too???