Thursday, July 9, 2009

REASON #29 & 30
[Like Most Men] He's Still a Kid at Heart
NEVER forgets where he came from!

When Sid was younger, he'd play street hockey with his buddies for a chance to win their own home-made version of the Stanley Cup. And after winning the real thing, he never forgot the dreams he had when he was young nor the buddies he shared those dreams with:

"I do have this idea of playing street hockey with my friends — winning team gets the Stanley Cup. We always used to pretend the Cup was on the line in our street hockey games, so now it really can be."

Sid could quite possibly make it another dream fulfilled!


Cat said...

I love his dreams! Not fame, wealth or power. He may have them all, but his real dreams are simple. Playing street hockey for the Stanley Cup. How can anyone with so many responsibilities and pressure on him still keep the child in his heart alive? He may be physically young, yet he has the maturity of someone twice his age, but the mind of someone half his age. It just doesn't get more special than that.

Jay said...

Amen to that, Cat. His head and his heart are both in their right places.

His parents must be awesome, since they raised him to be so driven, but he also can keep things in perspective.

saved2serve87 said...

I think these are the best two reasons to love Sidney. Despite all the pressures and fame he is still the same person he was before all of it. That says a lot about someone.