Monday, October 26, 2009

Care Bear on Ice

Eric Godard has been known as somewhat of a "prankster" (we all remember the shaving cream pie to the face of Tyler Kennedy while he was being interviewed by Dan Potash last season). Today he decided to show up to practice keeping it light-hearted wearing a Care Bear "head" on the ice. He had the players guessing for awhile (long enough for some laughs) before the "mystery bear" was revealed.

I would've honestly loved to see this (and the interaction between the guys!)!!


Val said...

Ah, I love him, and after watching him interact with children he has stolen my heart!

Unknown said...

The Penguins Report also has pics of Fleury as Kermit the frog. The players had their Halloween party yesterday. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall for that party!

Ashlen said...

I saw this and my mouth dropped,
funnnnny :)

Rebel Heart said...

I'm amused and slightly disturbed... LOL

And the MAF one is funny too! You can find 'em both on the Penguins Twitter page, or a blog entry from Empty Netters