Saturday, October 17, 2009

Laraque Makes Some Water Cooler Talk

It seems that Georges Laraque has a few women's groups in an uproar for his recent work with "scantily clad" women in a commercial promoting the energy drink, Octane 7.0.

Honestly, I just rolled my eyes as I watched the video. If anything, I think Laraque makes himself look like a HUGE doucher in it!!

Shortly after it's release, Laraque did apologize publicly and had this to say:

He said he had no idea what the ad's script was when he arrived for the TV shoot, and that he only agreed to do it because it offered a lucrative payday for charity. He said he always donates proceeds from his off-ice activities to charity, and that he was prepared to help a women's rights group to make up for his appearance in the ad.

"If I'd known (the ad's content) I wouldn't have done it - that's for sure.''

You know -- WHATEVER!!! Here's the video, come to your own conclusions!!


Cat said...

While the commercial seems more like soft porn than anything else I can't get upset about it. It's just so ridiculous and a huge marketing mistake for the energy drink company. But, Laraque looks like a complete idiot coming out of that house. Like a big loser who thinks energy drinks will make him a hit with the, er, "ladies". Yeaaaa, riiiight. And I'm not buying it that he didn't know what the setup of the commercial was before he got to the set.

Val said...

I am 100% in agreement with Cat...whatever, it's just plain bad!

Sunshine36616 said...

I thought Laraque looked cute coming out of the house, it's not a great commercial though. It's no worse than what they have on the website for the Dallas Ice Girls though. Our own Blue Crew had video interviews last years in bikinis. It doesn't bother me, I just kind of giggled.
I like Laraque a lot. He's a super nice guy off the ice and does a ton of charity work. I had a friend of a friend who works for the Pens and always talked about what a great guy he was.

Ashlen said...

I guess we have the same reaction to most things ;)
Rolled my eyes too.
That was just stupid!

EHisCDN said...

The video isn't up anymore, was it really that bad?

Not seeing the video I'm just going to take his word for it, and at the very least he seemed sorry and he does a lot of charity work anyway.