Thursday, October 8, 2009

(when Sid gets MAD!)

Did any of you catch part of the game last night against Phoenix when Sid got a penalty along with Adrian Aucoin? From the moment he stepped into the penalty box, he was ready to start "chirping" at him and continued to look over at the opponent's penalty box just HOPING to catch his eye so he could start mouthing off. Aucoin either had no clue or knew that Sid likes to "mouth off" because you could tell Sid didn't catch his eye because he continued to look over without saying a word (but looking awfully anxious to start running his mouth!)!!!

I LOVE this about Sid!!! It's just so fun to watch - it's actually a little amusing and enjoy watching him when he gets mad!!


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

I know, I know, "hands off".

You know that's my favorite thing...

Cat said...

I love to see the fire and emotion in Sid when it finally boils over. He just seems so composed or intense most of the time that I even loved it when he "slashed" that guy. You could see the frustration in him and although it did nothing for the team I most definitely enjoyed it.

Char said...

ahh i missed a fiery sid?!?!

not fair. curse the boyfriend and his soccer games