Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Crosby Picture of the Week

This is late (WAY late) today because I had really little inspiration (if you can believe that - when it comes to Sid, I KNOW!)!! But HERE, THIS picture, is PURE INSPIRATION!!! Look at it and the clear mutual respect that comes across in this picture!!! A player and his coach - a shared moment that captures their entire relationship - respect and admiration (I LOVE this picture!)!!! Which, BTW, is from tonights 5-1 win over the Blues!!


Rebel Heart said...

OMG, I just wanna pull him out of my computer and drag him to my bed!

Seriously... LOL

Stephanie said...

I KNOW, right?!!! He scrumptilicious, isn't he??!!!! ; P

Char said...

They'd better repeat such an awesome win on friday. I'll be there!

Ashlen said...

God he's is freaking gorgeous!
He's so cute, oh my God.
I'm dying over here.

Btw, I'm from the $tL... ;)
I rooted for the Pens, and now I'm wearing my Crosby shirt to school.
Hello getting shit! :)

Val said...

Now that is a fabulous way to start the day!

Staal1187Crosby said...

Great picture! Thanks for posting it - especially since I couldn't watch the game thanks to Versus not being on DirecTV any more...thanks a lot Comcast :-(