Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Western Conference Hottie: Saku Koivu (Anaheim Ducks)

I am delighted at the opportunity to drool on... er present Kaku Koivu, for you lovely ladies to admire. He was formerly "off limits" to me, since he played for the mob... er... Montreal Canadians in the EC. Now, he's playing for the band of street thugs also known as the Anaheim Duck(lings) so he's "fair game" for me now, as a member of the WC.

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: This part would actually be easier to write, if it was UNimportant hockey stuff. Because every thing that's important he's done. Captain of Finland's Olympic team, 3 Olympic medals, various other international achievements. Tied for longest running Captain of the Canadians. In 1994–95 he played on the team that won the Kanada-malja (Finland) Championship . In addition to earning the Veli-Pekka Ketola trophy as league scoring champion, Koivu was awarded the Kultainen kypärä award as the players' choice for the best player and the Lasse Oksanen trophy as league MVP. Drafted by the Canadians in 1993, he spent his rookie season in in the SM-liiga (Finland). He moved to North America for the 95–96 season to join the Canadiens. In his first year, Koivu ranked 4th in scoring amongst NHL rookies with 45 points in 82 games. The following season, Koivu was among the NHL leading scorers (13 goals, 25 assists and 38 points) before suffering a knee injury on December 7, 1996, in a game against Chicago Blackhawks. He missed 32 games that season but returned to finish with 56 points in 50 games. He's had all variety of injuries, legs, eyes, cancer, broken foot during the 07-08 playoffs (yes, he played on it.) He's a quiet leader, and upon his move to ANA, he asked to assume the "A" instead of the "C" so as to not upset the team chemistry.

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: Um, mostly, I haven't been looking at enough blond guys lately. So last week, when I was forced to watch duck games (they played the Stars). He caught my eye [again]. But really, what's not to love. He's a cancer survivor, a great dad. Played with a broken foot. I can't see how you can't fall in love right there. We don't even have to start with the fact that he's "drop-your-pants-gorgeous". Blond and blue eyed, 5'10 178 lbs. He can't manage to not look good. He's fluent in 3 languages, and this -> [ Early in the 2007–08 season in October, Koivu was criticized by nationalist lawyer Guy Bertrand for not speaking French in a videotaped pre-game ceremony. Although Koivu is fluent in English, Swedish and Finnish, he speaks limited French and is apprehensive about using it in public. He replied to Bertrand's remarks that he is not perfect, and jokingly mentioned that he speaks French to his wife during intimate moments. ] The speaking french part is always on every girls list of secret naughty daydreams.

A cute spot from the Ducks website, HERE, [and you can drool on the former blackhawk James Wisniewski (previously on HftL), also.]

The rest of the goodies - Resides in his hometown of Turku, Finland during the offseason…spent the summer at his cottage in Turku, enjoying boating activities…Saku and his wife, Hanna have two children: daughter Ilona (4) and son Aatos (3)…the family took a week-long vacation to Turks and Caicos this summer…enjoys taking bike rides with his kids, watching movies and going out for nice dinners with his wife and friends…says that if he weren’t playing hockey, he’d be a soccer player in Italy…cites U2, Live, Bruce Springsteen and Finnish singer Lauri Tahka as his favorite musical acts…also recently took in a Madonna concert…likes to watch both “24” and “Prison Break” on television…idolized fellow Finn Jari Kurri growing up…says his favorite hockey memories are participating in three Olympics with Team Finland.


metricjulie said...

awww, i miss koivu

the mob wants him back :(

Val said...

He is such a great guy, but I gotta say that video with Wiz, that was sweet!

Rebel Heart said...

Ummm, yum! LOL
And a family guy... that makes them even more desireable!

Saw a vid with Eaton and his kids during one of the last few games... How sexy is that?

therealthingx31 said...

friggg i miss him in montreal :( i adore him<3

Sunshine36616 said...

Makes me wish I liked Sushi!