Tuesday, October 27, 2009

OH NO!!! No More Letang Sex Hair!!!!

Thanks to HftL reader, Molly, for posting a link to a VIDEO of Letang's sex hair "so we can sulk even more" (just wanted to post it here for all to enjoy!)!!!! ; )

Alert - Alert - ALERT!!!

I hate to be the one to inform all of you ladies, but I just learned that Kris Letang got his beloved "sex hair" chopped off!!!!!! [*GASP*]

I can hear a unified "NO" fall hard out of the mouths of Pens Nation as I type this. And as hard as this may be to believe, the proof is below (from the Penguins Report which notes "Letang shows off his new hair cut").

Let's have a moment of silence to honor Letang's "sex hair" which met it's demise by the hands of the devil scissors from hell!!!

For you die-hard "sex hair" fans, this is for you!!!

We'll just have to get our dose of "sex hair" somewhere else for now!
: (


Jay said...



Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

Hair grows back. He can always grow it long again. Hair grows back.

Stephanie said...

I know - let's keep telling ourselves it's OK and look at the bright side!!!

I'd like to hear from more of you guys -- if you're having a hard time, let me know and I think I have an idea (something to do with finding other HP with "sex hair!")!!!! ; )

Anonymous said...

Oh no! NOT THE SEX HAIR! :(....I'm going to miss that gorgeous hair of his...

But regardless Tangy Bear looks completely and totally gorgeous with short hair too..he always will be.
We'll have to get our sex hair infatuation fixed..especially since James Neal has got short hair now too!

Val said...

I have picked myself up off the floor, and am now resorting to fanning myself as I am in shock and dismay to read that sex hair, which is by no means just any hair, is gone...FOR NOW!

alexei said...

no, no, no!

regardless he's still a beautiful creature.

we can only hope that it grows back fast :)

Stephanie said...

I agree with everyone (using @throw your roses words), Letang is still a beautiful creature. But there's just SOMETHING ABOUT hockey hair though (i.e. "sex hair")!!!

THANKS for the comments, ladies - keep them coming!!! : )

Rebel Heart said...

I got this txt via Twitter while I was subbing and rushed home to see for myself... OMG! NO!

I love watching that hair whip in the wind before games...

Ashlen said...

Ahhh Kris ?
Really !

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty depressed.
here's a link to a video of it, fully. so we can sulk even more.
=[ =[ =[

JustAWriter said...

I am offically at work mourning. Don't get me wrong he is still gorgeous but why the hair.

Zigh said...


What?! Why would he do that? He might as well just slap God in the face!
You can't be born with great hair like that and just chop it off...


Anonymous said...

OMG That post just ruined my good mood. I dont even have words to describe how sad I am.

Char said...


Shana said...

This blog has been popping up a lot lately when I google things, so if you don't mind I will jump right in with both feet. :D

Has anyone seen the top of his hair yet?