Sunday, October 11, 2009

This Magazine Will Haunt Me FOREVER (Not that I Mind!)!!

[BIG SHOUT OUT to HftL reader jenniwa30 for making me aware that there's more Oilers "body" pics out there (and including the link!)!]!!!

Do I really need to say anything more (or WHERE this picture came from?!)??!!!

But YOU KNOW I just can't leave it like that without saying a word!! ; P

And I take back what I said about Souray in my last post!!! Still looking as hot as ever here (that other pic didn't really do him justice!)!!

They all look a little more comfortable in this pic (I wonder why?! There must be more than one reason they call it the "sin bin!")!! Souray is like, "I dare you to step in here" and Moreau with his arm over the board looks like he's done this before (lucky girl!)!!

I'm just wondering, were the photographers women because it's like they took snapshots of every fantasy I've ever had about hockey players (TMI?!)?!!!! Sorry [hangs head in shame!]!!! LMAO!!!!

GOOD LORD, I LOVE HOCKEY (and God Bless ESPN for this FABULICIOUS IDEA!)!!!!!! ; P


Val said...

God bless you for posting that spectacular picture - I just may have to subscribe to ESPN's magazine for that issue alone :)

You made a very bad day bearable! Thank you!

Jane said...

Oooo that is wonderful! Do you know when that issue goes on shelves? I was looking for it the other day, and after that shot, I believe a purchase is in dire need ; )
Thanks for the post!

Stephanie said...

@Jane -- I think it's already out (hit shelves October 9th, if I remember correctly -- you see, these pictures have fried a few brain cells!)!!! ; P

Cat said...

Talk about a fantasy come to life! Damn, I want this one poster sized! This is a MUCH better picture of Souray.
Thanks so much to Jenniwa30 for sending this in!!!!
This magazine cannot come out soon enough!!!

mtfree said...

I think I just may have committed a penalty and need to sit in the penalty box for a while.

jenniwa30 said...

for some odd reason this pic is NOT in the magazine??????????? I got it off their website, I think this one may be better than the other!!! But the magazine is a good buy anyhow there are some interesting and even some really funny pics in it! Glad you enjoyed it! ;)

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

I would like to know who's been reading my mind?

I mean this picture is straight out of a very good daydream!!

Char said...

i'm speechless. speechless.

buying magazine asap and hiding it from the boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

I bought the magazine but can't find this picture in it! What page is it on!?!?

love your blog!