Thursday, October 1, 2009

Get Ready for Guerin in the Buff!!

The premiere issue of ESPN The Magazine's "Body Issue" is set to hit newsstands October 19th and is something that's been compared to Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue. The magazine approached various male and female pro, amateur, and Olympic athletes about posing "in various stages of undress."

USA Today released a list of those athletes and among them is our very own Bill Guerin (along with Zdeno Chara!)!! This should be interesting!!


mtfree said...

Wow, that should be very interesting!

thatgirl said...

Interesting indeed! I can't wait to see this! Haha

Unknown said...

as soon as i saw this i literally ran to wal mart to have a gander. i didn't see him in there, i went through EVERY single page at least twice. i looked like a huge creeper standing there. did i miss something? i saw charra and some other hockey dudes from the oilers, but no guerin :(