Monday, October 12, 2009

Eastern Conference Eye Candy: Colton Orr (Toronto Maple Leafs)

I bet you'll never guess how I came across this ECEC!! Leave it to a bad-ass to catch my attention [*swoon*]!! : ) And, yes, I did do a post on Colton Orr before; however, it wasn't an ECEC (it was a "Bad Boys of Winter" when he played for the Rangers), so it technically doesn't count (and I'm sure I'm not going to find any of you objecting to covering a good-looking HP more than once, am I?!!)!!!

Orr is a pretty big forward at 6'3, 222 pounds which gives him a pretty solid foundation for his role on the ice as an enforcer - the main reason he was signed by the Toronto Maple Leafs this season.

He was undrafted and signed as a free agent with Boston. In 2005 he was claimed off of waivers from Boston by the NY Rangers and most recently signed a 4-year / $4 million contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

He IS NOT related to the hockey great Bobby Orr.

His full name is Colton Douglas Orr.

Did I mention he's an enforcer?? Is that hockey or hotness factor?? I suppose you could categorize it under either, but I think it makes a HP HOT, so we'll keep it here!! One of his "finer" moments was cross-checking Alex Ovechkin for which he received a five-game suspension even though Ovi wasn't hurt because it was viewed as "reckless" behavior (hells yeah!) -- I'M SORRY, but Ovi needs STOPPED and anyone that stands up to his nasty ass is OK in my book.

He's also an entrepreneur with his own line of clothing, "The Enforcer." It looks like it's only t-shirts for now, but it's not too shabby (reminds me of the ever-popular "Affliction" line) - a stylish guy - plays into the hotness factor!

The Enforcer introduces 3 different styles of T-shirts with Long sleeves, Hoodies and much more to come!

Colton is an "avid fisherman, enjoys golf, drawing, and running."

Take a gander at the video of him and fellow heavyweight Georges Laraque throwing down on October 1st -- I love, love, LOVE how Colton smiles after the fight - what a beautiful smile it is!!!

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