Monday, October 26, 2009

Eastern Conference Eye Candy: Henrik Lundqvist (New York Rangers)

Lundqvist is a pretty loyal goalie considering he was drafted 7th in the 2000 entry draft by the New York Rangers (205th overall) and signed a six-year extension with the team back in February 2008 (reportedly for a total of $41.25 million which made him the highest paid goaltender in the NHL "on average over the length of his contract"!). So, what, that'll be around 14 years with the same organization?! Considering some players change teams like they change socks, I'd say that's pretty loyal (and pretty cool)!

He began his professional career in the Swedish Elite League with the Florunda Frölunda HC (junior hockey), oddly enough, the same year he was drafted in 2000; however, he continued to play in Sweden until making his NHL debut in 2005 (IDK - it feels like he's been playing in the league longer than that for some strange reason). Prior to that, he had only played nine games with Sweden's "second tier" before joining the junior team, Florunda Frölunda.

Henrik has also represented Sweden on more than one occasion performing quite well as he helped them win silver in two Ice Hockey World Championships in 2003 & 2004 as well as led the country to a gold medal in the 2006 Olympics as the starting goaltender for Team Sweden.

If you haven't noticed, allow me to point out to you that Henrik Lundqvist is a WHOLE LOTTA PRETTY, ladies, and he has the cutest accent which seem to come from his leaving just a hint left of his own Swedish accent. He is the identical twin of his brother Joel who is also a professional hockey player and plays center for the Dallas Stars (which I find slightly "creepy," but I know some women find sexy [*cough - Kena - cough*], I'm not one to judge anyway and "whatever blows wind up your skirt" is what I always say! ; P

He was recently crowned "The World's Sexiest Ice Man" by Page Six Magazine - I can't argue with that (OK, I CAN and WILL -- ever hear of Sidney Crosby, Page Six Magazine??!!!)!!!

Like alot of other NHL players, Lundqvist has his own webpage ( that includes a blog which hasn't been updated since October of last year.

He has a longtime girlfriend whom he's been dating since just after high school. She's a fellow Swede (and pretty blond) - Therese Andersson.

"She's been with me since I was a pro in Sweden. It's good to have her as support because she knows what it's all about," he says of his blonde paramour and fellow Swede.
Some of Henrik's favorites:

  • TV show: House (he enjoys the dialogue)
  • Movie: Gladiator ("great soundtrack and picture")
  • Candy bar: Mars bar
  • Season: spring
  • Bands: Foo Fighters, Hakan Hellstrom (Swedish), Lars Winnerback (Swedish)
  • Song: My Hero - Foo Fighters
  • Drink: Coke and Vitamin Water
OK -- so there's just TOO DAMN MANY sexy pics of Henrik and you'll just have to bear with me while I post the rest of them here!!! : P


Unknown said...

I can't even lie. He's the only reason why I don't completely hate the Rangers (and why I'm attempting to learning Swedish, well him and Peter Forsberg).

Joyce said...

Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm
He is one fine looking man.

Sunshine36616 said...

All Hail the King!

Char said...

i never realized how hot he is...
huh. im jotting this down as my "new thing I learned today.."
(project for an english class, we're supposed to prove or disprove that you learn one new thing per day. im trying to prove it. :-) )

Lyndsey29 said...

Thankyouthankyouthankyou for this post! I was just contemplating yesterday how if Henrik Lundqvist got any hotter, I might be forced into actually liking the Rangers. He's GORGEOUS, like a male model on ice. ;D

Rebel Heart said...

I love him in the Superstitions commercial*

@Amber- My reasoning too! Well, for why I don't hate the Rangers, I don't want to learn Swedish right now* lol

@Char- We should chat, because I have the most random mind and I bet I could teach you a new fun fact every day! LOL

Val said...

Two thumbs up for your choice of this week's eastern conference eye candy. He is soooo purty!

@Amber - he and Marc Staal are the only reasons I don't completely hate the Rangers, either!

Char said...

YESS! Lets do it!

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

He actually has a twin (Joel) that played in DAL, and now upon not resigning with the Stars, went back to Sweden to play. I loved to watch him play because he hit like a ton of bricks. He broke his shoulder blade, and never did come back as good as he was before the injury.

@ Amber, I have a thing for Forsberg, myself.

@ "everyone who can't quite hate the Rangers" - I hate the Rangers, but I don't include Lundqvist or Marc Staal as Rangers :D

Mezzels said...

I did realise this at my only ever live NHL game (I live in the UK and we caught one game whilst on holiday in NY) he looks very hot on their intro film thingy!

Jenny said...

love lunkan as we call him here, just one detail, his team in swedens called frölunda hc, not florunda ; )

Henrik Lundqvist Fan Blog said...

love this post! :) i have a fan blog dedicated to henrik lundqvist!

christine said...

HOT DAMN. I didn't even know about this hunk until the 25 hottest 2010 Olympians came out. DAMN. I need to start watching hockey.

Rose said...

My Lundqvist blog has news, pictures and videos. Check it out and leave me feedback.