Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Inside Hockey Interview (Crosby & Malkin)

This is probably the first time I've seen Sid and Malkin together in an interview and it's pretty enjoyable - just to watch them comment on the highlights of their Stanley Cup run is fun to watch and it's actually the first time either of them have seen any of it since they hadn't watched any of it over the summer. The interview was aired on "Hockey Night in Canada" this past Saturday (and has been showing up around the internet since).

A few mentionables: both Sid and Geno agree that Ovi's hit on Gonch was "dirty." Sid's reaction when they watched one of Geno's goals - it's priceless!! Geno on his "fight" with Zetterberg is humorous -- "I say 'let's go fight' he say 'no'" (but they go anyway!)!! Oh, and the last (and BEST) mentionable -- GET A LOAD OF SID'S FEET IN THOSE FLIP-FLOPS (that's a sight you don't often see -- and, YES, since it's something we don't get to see often enough, I find it fascinating!) - I took a screen-cap for your enjoyment!!! ; P


Jane said...

That was wonderful!! Sid & Geno should do more interview together!What a great way to start my morning! Thanks for posting!!

Jay said...

I agree with Jane, that was great! I loved getting their perspectives on what was happening during the games. A perfect way to begin my day!

Stephanie said...

I really enjoyed it myself, so I thought I'd share and am glad you're all enjoying it as well!! Who wouldn't enjoy a Sid and Geno interview??!!!! : P

Cat said...

LOL - thanks Stephanie! I thought I was the only one who was noticing his feet. I love them! I know, it's a weird thing, but I love them anyway.
I just wish we got to see everything - all their reactions to all the highlights. It's selfish of me I suppose but I wish they had shown their reactions to Max's goals.
But then I'm just thrilled to get even this.
And, lastly, I absolutely agree with you Stephanie about Sid's reaction to the hit on Gonch - priceless!

Zigh said...

haha yah... Geno's got no hesitation.. 'dirty'.

Sid tries to be less blunt about it but the points there...

I still get mad when I see that one >.<