Saturday, October 3, 2009

HI - I'm Max Talbot ...

and I can pull this shit off (I'm a SUPERSTAR!!)!!!

YES, MAX - we know!!! ; P (gotta LOVE Max!!)!!!
And HOW WELL does it go with our blog??!!!!!! AWESOME!!!


Jay said...

Ha! You couldn't have color-coordinated that better if you tried!

Oh, Max and his crazy fashion sense. I love him anyway, but really? First cardigans, now crazy plaid shirts. He's either incredibly fashion-forward or tragically clueless.

Char said...

oh max... you and the things you wear.

ps. stephanie.. did you get that email i sent the blog? it has some really awesome pics i dont think you have seen yet

Anonymous said...

craaaaaaazy shirt!!
idk if it's weird, but i actually love his style choices!! most of the time!

EHisCDN said...

ohh that's the pic that they took with taylor swift right?!?! I saw it on the Pens website.

I like the seems good for his personality aha

Cat said...

Honestly, where does this man shop for clothes??? It is both scary and yet strangely attractive...either that or I've been drinking... Regardless it is totally Max! And I guess the bottom line is it was would be very hard for him to wear something that he couldn't pull off on some level. On the other hand I think this is also more than a bit of his sense of humor. ;)