Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jarkko Ruutu Snickers Commercial (Team Nutcase)

You know I'm not lying when I tell you that I almost fell on the floor when I spotted this commercial on YouTube!!! And when I watched it, I had a hard time catching my breath - GOOD CHRIST, I love Jarkko (which you all well know since I don't make that a secret around here!)!!

Anyway, Jarkko and his brother Tuomo are the new faces of Snickers in their home country of Finland. Jarkko is part of "Team Nutcase" and even has an entire site dedicated to him (I suggest if you're a fan, you make a visit and browse around - it's quite interesting even though it's mostly Finnish -- you don't need to speak the language to look OR drool!!)!!!


And for those of you who are fans of his brother, Tuomo, he also has a Snickers commercial (although I have to say that Jarkko's is my favorite!)!! CLICK HERE!!


Cat said...

Awesome find! It never occurred to me that the guys might be doing commercials at home. I know, "what a ditz". Jarkko is looking as fine as usual. I like the way he "tears" into the snickers bar. LOL
Thanks again for sharing stuff I'd never find on my own!

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Um, YUM!!!!!!

and I don't mean the snickers...

Val said...

Wow, who knew? What a lovely sight to wake up to :)

Zombie Kat said...

Stephanie, we should be friends! Jarkko Ruutu is one of my all time favorites no matter what anyone says! It doesn't hurt that I also love Finland a lot too.

Funny fact, Tuomo was voted the best looking bachelor in Finland at one point. At least thats what one of my friends from there told me.

Stephanie said...

@Cat -- you're not a ditz!! In fact, the only reason I STUMBLED across it was that the recent "biting" incident brought him to mind, so I searched him up on YouTube which I used to do constantly when he was a Penguin -- LMAO!!!! There's just SOMETHING about Jarkko!!! ; )

@Kena -- how many times do I have to tell you to stay away from my men??!!!! : P But, AGREED - YUM!!!! [silly Kena! I LOVE YOU ANYWAY!]!!!

@Val - what a lovely sight for me BEFORE BED and to wake up to -- I'm still beaming over it (I still have enough in me for another post that I'm thinking of doing -- just SO MUCH swirling around in my head this AM!)!!!

@Kat -- any fan of Jarkko IS a friend of mine - we should "talk" sometime!!! And you have a friend in Finland??? We DEFINITELY have to talk!!! : P I could see his brother getting that title - from what I understand, he's popular in Canes country!! I prefer Jarkko for some reason though!!! ; )

THANKS for the comments, ladies, as ALWAYS -- keep them coming!!

traumagirl14 said...

Speaking of commericals, have you seen the new one ofr the NHL called "We are all fans"? I'm going to include the link because Crosby is so cute at the end!