Thursday, December 3, 2009

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He's an AWESOME teammate!!

(and is always excited about their accomplishments)

I know most of you saw Mike Rupp's hat trick last Monday during the game against the NY Rangers, so I'm sure you saw Sid being the first to skate over and give him a congratulatory hug then continue to bask in the glory with Rupp sitting beside him on the bench (comparing notes perhaps?)!!

There's nothing like a a great team mate to share in your successes and Sid's one of the best!!


Unknown said...

i was super happy for mike rupp! on his son's birthday, nonetheless (if i remember correctly)!!

Stephanie said...

You are correct, @Amy!!! I thought that was cute when Potash was interviewing him and he kept bringing it up calling in "buddy" -- TOO CUTE!!!

Staal1187Crosby said...

Absolutely a great teammate! I'm also a Devils fan, so this was an especially fantastic game as I'm very familiar with Mike Rupp. So happy for him - for getting the hat trick and having great teammates like Sidney! :-)

Ashlen said...

He's such a nice guuuuy (:

Maureen said...

this made me so happy! Not only did he get his first hat trick, but he did it in the Garden, a traditionally tough place for the Pens. Made me smile to see how happy Sid was for his accomplishment. I'll be Sid's teammate anytime... :-)