Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jordy is Still Pretty!!

I know you were all concerned yesterday when Staalsy got hit in the face with the puck (I was actually at last night's game - which I'm trying to forget about - and my husband says to me, "there go his 'pretty boy' looks!" so I just HAD to text it to Kena to which she replied, "tell him [my husband] to kiss my ass!" -- all in fun, OF COURSE!!)!!! We all had a good laugh.

ANYWAY, in all seriousness, it looked awful when he hit the ice and began flopping like a fish. It appears that with a little time to heal, he'll be back to 'pretty' in NO TIME!!! These pics are from today's practice -- still all geared up in the full face shield (with bruising where he was hit - OUCH!)!!! But I'd like to point out how STUDLY it was of him to gear up and come back to play the rest of the third period (and no one has to ask what Kena thought of that!)!!

; P

The pics are from the Penguins webpage and they're actually calling it a "nose laceration" which seems to convey a milder outcome compared to [I'm assuming] how it felt!!! The important thing is that he's able to play (and he participated in practice today!)!!


Rebel Heart said...

I was at the game too!

He went down, I shot up, and got yelled at becuase the guy behind me couldn't see... LOL

Watched the replay of the game on FSN, and saw it happen again...

It's like a train wreck, you just CAN'T look away!

I hope he's got some nice pain relievers!

Stephanie said...

COOL!!! I didn't even see it happen until he was on the ice squirming. We didn't even know what really happened until later on (that's the one thing about being at the game - you don't always get to find things out right away!)!!

Maureen said...

It made my stomach drop when I saw this. He is quite tough tho to come back from that. I'm glad he will be healed soon.

staalzielover11 said...

i just watched the video on the pens website and jordan said his nose isnt broken, he has 5 stiches and the rest is clued and he thought is nose was fallin off! haha

when i found out what happened i about cried casue i was at work so i didnt get to see exactly wht happened till i watched the replay of it! haha but all day today i was saying he still looks amazingly gorgeus with his bruised face! and my mom said the same thing about his "pretty boy look" but she calls him "baby face" cause he has not scares! lol

all i got to say is that those staal boys must have something in those genes of theirs! haha! barely ever getting hurt (knock on wood) lol

staalzielover11 said...


Staal1187Crosby said...

I was so upset, as I'm sure all of you were, when I saw Staalsy get hurt. My eyes kept going to that bloody spot on the ice afterwards (they didn't clean it up too well). I was surprised, but glad, to see him come back and play.

CrackerLilo said...

So, so, so glad to see that Staal will be okay. That looked awful!

I was also there!!!! I might have seen people here and not even known it!!! My first game at Mellon, and it had to be this one. But how amazing to see a place I'd only ever seen on TV come to life before me anyway, especially this one. The crowd was amazing!

I taught my brother and SIL about Penguins hockey 'cause they'll be moving to the area next year, and my SIL thinks Staal is, quote, "fine as hell." I'm glad he still looks good for her, Kena and his other fans, but looks ain't everything. The way he came back was sexy as hell.

Stephanie said...

@CrackerLilo -- isn't the Igloo awesome?!! It was a bad game to go see, but there's just something about being there (and the crowd makes it more fun!)!! You HAVE to go to another one with at least one goal (HAH) -- seriously, when they score it's breath-taking being there!!

It really was sexy as hell to see him come back to play - like Malone during the playoffs the year before!!

CrackerLilo said...

We're in Detroit right now, but will be back on the 27th to see the Pens (knock on wood) beat the Maple Leafs!

It was *so* awesome.

Maureen said...


I'll be at the game on the 27th too! :-) Maybe I'll see you there.

and I agree... I know that his face will heal and he may not look quite the same (possibly even better) but seeing him come back to the ice with his nose stitched up and all was simply a level of panty-melting (to quote Stephanie) sexyness...

Even Sid gave him props for it in the "off day" interview on the Pens website