Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Penguins & Paws" Calendar (Part II)

I'm batting 1,000 these past few days -- here is the second set of pictures from the "Penguins & Paws" calendar. A commentor asked if the dog pictured with Fedotenko is a family pet - it is and his name is Baron; the Gonchars pose with their family cat Gilbert; Guerin is pictured with family dogs Diesel, Lulu and Amigo; and assistant GM is with family dog Micha Blue (I also decided to note if the player is pictured with a family pet next to the name for this set).

JULY - Granato / Bylsma (with family dog Sanders) / Yeo
AUGUST - Dupuis (family pets: Symba the cat and dogs Meo & Maggy) / Godard (his new 10-month-old french bulldog puppy, Tonka)
SEPTEMBER - Adams / Skoula
OCTOBER - Orpik (his dog Tyson) / Eaton
NOVEMBER - Johnson (his dog Billy) / Fleury (his dog Lily & cat Bouli)
DECEMBER - Lemieux (family dogs Tara & Lily) / Crosby (family dog Samantha "Sam")


Unknown said...

Aaaaaaaaargh... I love that pic of Johnson!! That is too cute!

Maureen said...

I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!!!! I can't wait to get my calendar at the game tonight. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting the calendar pics. I think I'm gonna order one right now!!

By the way, I remember when Gonch's 2nd daughter was born, he said something like "My cat and I are the only men in the house" and I thought it was really cute :)

Staal1187Crosby said...

OMG! Goddard is holding a French Bulldog!! I have two of them and have just applied to rescue one. They're my favourite!!

Thank you, by the way, for posting these pics!

Val said...

Just to reiterate my comment from yesterday:


Now I have to get a new paperbag to hyperventilate in :)

@Shana - I love that picture of Johnson, as well.

@aBurghGirl - a little recap of your time at the game might be fun, hint, hint!

Zigh said...

Johnson and Lemieux are my fav... so cute!