Monday, December 7, 2009

SORRY, Ladies!!

I seem to be having a form of "writers block" (having to do with finding inspiration for EC eye candy) and I can't seem to shake it. I actually have a lot of stuff going on (some of it is mental; and, perhaps, it's just the time of year), but I'm blaming this on my lack of inspiration -- because LORD KNOWS there's tons of it out there!!!

Perhaps going to the game tonight will do the trick and get my creative juices flowing again, but I figured instead of forcing it and cranking out another EC Eye Candy post today, I'd just give you an explanation and hope you understand (wait until I can give my "best" to these very important posts!)!!

I'll see if I can root through a few Penguins pictures so that I can at least post a "PensPic of the Week" today. That shouldn't be too difficult!!

I hope you're all having a wonderful day!!



EHisCDN said...

That comic is hilarious.

I'm sure something will come to you soon, and don't stress about it!

Stephanie said...

I was amused by it too!!! The funny thing is, I wrote the post before I found the comic (I was just looking for an appropriate pic) and when I searched "lack of inspiration" - THAT'S what came up!!! ; )

Maureen said...

I love the comic, and I'm sorry you're having writer's block. If anything, know that it makes us appreciate you that much more, because we love what you do! ;-) I'm sure that seeing some hockey tonight will help get those creative juices flowing.

Rebel Heart said...

We'll all wait patiently* Don't you worry!

And I hope you have tons of fun tonight! We were gonna go, but sadly... practice for out Christmas cantata is tonight... and I can't skip it, my choir director is the person I'd go to the game with! LOL

Love the comic!

Zigh said...

I find when I need inspiration I google shirtless pics of Jonathan Toews... always a good time... just sayin lol

EHisCDN said...

@ Zigh

I think I'm going to try that right now! good idea =)

Stephanie said...

@Zigh -- HMMMM - that actually sounds inspirational wihtout even seeing the pics!! ; P And if he wasn't in the WC, I'd probably have "done" him already!! : P However, that could stir up the creative juice; I MAY give that a try!! ; )

THANKS to everyone for their kind words and encouragement (it does make it a little easier to deal with!)!! : )

Val said...

Have a great time at the game tonight. That might be exactly what you need...and even the best get a writer's block every now and then (and I would include you in the best!)

Joyce said...

Sorry about the writers block, but glad you're okay physically. (I tend to start worrying when I don't hear from people--even if it is in a blog) We all appreciate your hard work and please don't stress about it------although,this time of year there is plenty to stress about!!!!

CB said...

I'm a Pens girl all the way, but if you need inspiration for EC Eye Candy, you need not look further than Vladmir Sobotka of the Boston Bruins.

That boy is mighty fine and reason enough to watch that "other" black & gold team.