Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Talbot's Latest Commercial

Our little "superstar" has been quite busy these days shooting a number of commercials and this one is classic Talbot (funny as hell!)!! This one is for a pool and spa store in Greensburg, PA (Valley Pool & Spa ... nothing on Max, I checked!)!! Except for this little nugget ...
Pittsburgh's own Max Talbot chooses Valley...Why shouldn't you?!?!
; P

One thing is for sure - everyone is jumping on the Max Talbot commercial bandwagon (and I'm hoping it's not distracting him!)!!

THANKS to HftL reader Melany M. for bringing it to my attention (I would NEVER want to miss a minute of Max's comedic talent!)!!

"Excuse me, miss. Don't forget your rubber ducky!"


Sunshine36616 said...

GOD I love Max.

Maureen said...

Again... LOVE MAD MAX!!!!!


Rebel Heart said...


Ashlen said...

Hahhahahahahha GOTTA love Max.
You just have to.

EHisCDN said...

If Max was testing my water...let's just say I would want a second opinion ;P