Monday, December 7, 2009

PenPics of the Week

Most of these are from Thursday's game against the Colorado Avalanche. Could that be because a win makes everything so much sweeter?!! And notice that the sole picture from Saturday's loss is from Staalsy's tying goal (scored on a SWEET set play!)!! The power of suggestion perhaps or maybe not. See for yourself!!

Speaking of Staal -- look at the one of him and Sid - TOO CUTE (I LOVE it!) - I think Kena would agree!!! ; P


EHisCDN said...

I loved the one of Sid and Staal (it looks like he's missing teeth lol!).

Great pics!

Maureen said...

YAY!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics!!!!! Thanks Stephanie! :-) I'll be at the game tonight as well, LET"S GO PENS!

Val said...

That one of Craig Adams throwing down isn't so bad either :)

@aBurghGirl - have a great time at the game tonight!

Labellefleur said...

I love the one of Fleury with the broken stick he looks so sad lol!

@Burgh Girl have fun---and you're extremely lucky!

Unknown said...

i was at work the other day and thought, "you know who's kind of an overlooked pens player/hottie? craig adams." then the next day during the game the announcers were ALL OVER craig adams, he did all sorts of sweet stuff in the game, they had a craig adams faceoff demonstration before the game...i totally called that one.