Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kena's "Best of" WCH for 2009

Yes, I know I'm a slacker. Even Stephanie, who is the most understanding of friends, had to poke a bit of fun at me when I admitted that I had slacked off and not delivered this post as promised. ("What, you never forget.") At any rate, and in the spirit of the New Year, Here's a "my favorite/best of the (2+) Year(s) Western Conference Hotties. [Yes, it's Dallas Stars 'HEAVY", sue me. (giggles)]" As it seems that this time of the year causes every one to look back over the past and look towards the future, and the New Year...

10) Brad Winchester - Well, what can I say.. Red hair, blue eyes, 6'5 will drop gloves in the split of a second for a teammate. Need I say more.

9) Patrick Sharp - I don't know why, but yes, he does it. He melts my brain for reasons I do not yet understand.

8) Taylor Pyatt - Yea, He doesn't play for VAN anymore, but hey PHX is still in the WC. His looks really do reduce me to a puddle of steaming hormones, though. And 6'5... I'm going to stop typing now, before I embarrass myself.

7) Niklas Lidstrom - Yes, I detest the Wings. However, Lidstrom is SMOKIN HOT!!!!

6) TJ Oshie - He just fits my "Type", and fits it to a T. [Stop laughing Stephanie].

5) Doug Murray - Um just check out the video, of that hit. Then watch him play, just one game. The way he plays, will stimulate your brain. The way he looks will stimulate your hormones.

4) Shane Doan - How can you not love him? Really, how?!

3) Kevin Bieksa - His post speaks for it's self. It takes very little "convincing" to make you fall in love with him. He's quiet, till it's time for action, then... well, watch the videos (SERIOUSLY WATCH THEM!!!)

3) Mike Modano - Does anyone still even need to ask why he's on this list? ... Nope, didn't think so. [Wipe the drool Stephanie
: P]

2) Steve Ott - The quintessential "pest". He'll make you fall in love with his charming personality, then make some guy lose it, and try to kill him. Above all he's FUN!! (as demonstrated by THIS COMMERCIAL.) [Oh, and for a treat, there's a link to a fight between him and Kunitz at the end of the post. Yes, "that" Kunitz, I just can't spell.]

1) Brenden Morrow - Enough said, my all time Hockey Crush. (Sorry Jordan, I'll just have to make it up to you some how. [sly grin]). Seriously though. He "moves" me with that something special. And just because of that. I'm adding THIS VIDEO (and there's TONS more in the post [the "come into the cold" commercials come highly recommended) so there's more than just me incinerating undergarments.


Emma said...

like that it is two sexy swedes on the list ;)

Maureen said...

Note to self... do NOT look at this post at work.... Not only did I short out my keyboard, but I almost fell out of my chair. Far too much delicious-ness for me!

Stephanie said...

@Emma -- Kena is partial to Swedes herself!! ; )

@aBurghGirl -- good stuff, huh?!!!
: D

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

*loud heavy thump, followed by scuffeling noises, as I pick myself up off the floor...*

Stephanie... you added pictures...

Um, yea... pictures... *wipes drool*

Stephanie said...

@Kena -- UM ... SURPRISE!!!!

; P (LMAO!!)!!!!!!!

Stephanie said...


: D

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

As you all may have noticed, I can't count either.

Of course, by the time I got to 3 I'd completely lost my place...

So I guess it's my 11 best, and not a "Top 10".

Excuse me , I have to go drool some more...

Stephanie said...

@Kena -- One for "GOOD MEASURE!"

; P

Maureen said...

Yea... I keep coming back to this post at work today... and every time I fall off my chair.

This is just too much hockey-hotness in one place for me to handle. It almost erases the disappointment I feel over Staalsy not making the Olympic team. :( *Sighs and goes back to drool over WCH again*

EHisCDN said...

Patrick Sharp is top of my list!