Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pens 'Weather' the Snow Storm

OOPS -- in my little "sexy" rant, I forgot to mention this was the coaching / support staff and not the players (when I saw the pitures on the webpage, it hadn't made a difference to me after realizing it was them - STILL SEXY, so I just forgot to add this little piece of information from the post this morning!)!! And being "older" myself, I do find the older guys like Bylsma, Guerin, McKee ... extremely sexy too!!!!!

LIST OF SEXY THINGS ABOUT MEN #187,066 - men in suits performing manual labor.

So I don't really have a "list of sexy things about men," [mental note: start a list of sexy things about men!] but how many ways can you say something is sexy on this blog?

When I saw these pics on the Penguins webpage, it got my panties in a bunch (in a good way, ladies)!! Look at all of them all dressed up pushing that bus then running to get back on. Why is that sexier than hell?? I have NO IDEA, but I'm just going with it (why question it, just enjoy it!)!!! ; P

Any of you have the same / similar reaction?


staalzielover11 said...

OHH BOY!!! i totally agree =P.. when i first seen these on the pens website i thought it was the players and i was like DANG they can do anything and then i read and it was the coaches and i couldnt stop smiling! NOW THATS A TEAM!!! =) =) and then i laughed at them running back to the bus! HAHA!! i wish i was there to witness it! =)

EHisCDN said...

When I saw this on the site, before reading the article I thought it was the players and it reminded me of the Timbits hockey commercial where they were stuck on the bus and sid gets off...

Men in suits is always sexy, but this is just the icing on the cake. It shows just how supportive the Penguins support staff really is ;p

Stephanie said...

They just updated the webpage to include the fact that there were some players involved in helping (I thought I saw some!) -- MAF, Gonch, and Cookey!! It seems that word spread and the Buffalo media are asking the team about it now.

staalzielover11 said...


this is the updated article about them getting stuck.. it is at 2:02 P.M.

and there were 3 players out there helpin. gonch, cookie, and flower, and poor bylsma, cookie gave him a heart attack out there.. haha.. MUST READ IT! =)

Maureen said...

Yea... even knowing that it's not the players, it still gets my shorts bunched up!!!!

I agree with EHisCDN that it reminds me of the timbits commercial, how cute!

LOVE IT!!!!!

Unknown said...

guerin always wins! <3