Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Crosby Pictures of the Week

Of course this week's pictures are going to be from Saturday's game (of Sid's HT!)!!! I LOVE this picture (to the left)!! Look at the smile on his face looking at all the hats on the ice (he needs to smile more and be more excited about his accomplishments!)!!!

It went through my mind that when he realized it was "baseball hat" giveaway night that his goal was to get a HT and watch all the free hats rain onto the ice -- I think that's how Sid works and if that's actually what he did -- GOOD FOR HIM!!!!!!!! It shows what you can accomplish when you set goals for yourself and how you move from one goal to another in order to be good / great / THE BEST at what you do!!!

[The bottom pic is a shot of the actual third goal he scored for the HT!!]!


Anonymous said...

That was a beautiful game last night! :).
I know this doesn't have to do with Sid, but since I live in Dallas, I love the Stars and thought that I would share this http://stars.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=39418 with you. It's a link that talks about the Dallas Stars 2010 Calender..I think some of those boys are looking mighty fine, especially Mr. James Neal. :)

Maureen said...

wow... those pics were great! It was a great game on Saturday night... I was so excited to see Sid get another Hat Trick!

Staal1187Crosby said...

Love the picture of him trying to navigate around the hats! How fortuitous that the give away that night was hats.

I think poor Mike Rupp only got one or two hats the other night in NYC for his first career hat trick.

Maureen said...

@ Staal1187Crosby

I know... i felt bad, until I thought about the fact that he was probably alot more excited about getting a hat trick than the number of hats on the ice!

Ashlen said...

Love ya Sid ;)
Adorable picture. He's such an amazing hockey player it's unbelievable.
I'm extremely disappointed I missed it :/
That's the first game I've missed in a LONG time.