Monday, December 21, 2009

ENGAGED!! Underwood and Fisher

They seem to make a really great couple.

And today, through Carrie's publicist, Jessie Schmidt, the couple announced their engagement (Mike also made confirmation to the Ottawa Sun). Rumors had been circulating since last night when "a friend of a friend" (several reports claim the person is Mike's best friend as well as a friend of Mike's cousin - nothing confirmed) posted a 'tweet' congratulating the couple.

And, until late, they had kept their relationship secret. Underwood included Fisher in her liner notes for "Play On" on her current album:

"Thank you #12," she wrote, referring to Fisher's jersey number. "You are the most amazing addition to my life! You are such a wonderful person and have had such an amazing hand in the building of this album and in the growth of me as a person. I love you so much! You make my life better in every way! I thank God for you every day... xoxo, Carrie."
No wedding date has been set.



Maureen said...

Awwww... how cute! I'm happy for them.

Zigh said...

Ahh! I love Carrie Underwood!

I'm so, so happy that they've found each other! She's such an amazingly talented, wonderful person... and I'm excited that she's found someone that makes her this happy!

All the best to them =)

Katie said...

Every time they asked her about her boyfriend you could just see the love in her eyes. She would get very flushed and giggly. I'm glad that they found someone who makes them both so happy. I wish them all the best. She will make a beautiful bride.