Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sid and Talbot's Reebok Commercial

This is a new Reebok commercial for "Speedwick Performance Tees" featuring Sid, Talbot and the INFAMOUS dryer (although I think I read in the USA Today article that it was a recreated set, so I'm not too sure the dryer is 'legit'). It will makes it's debut on Friday during the Winter Classic.

REALLY CUTE commercial (how could you not love it, it has Sid and Max in it!)!!

THANKS to all of you
who were kind enough to think of emailing it (or a link) to me so I could share it with everyone else (you guys are AWESOME!)!!! ENJOY!!
"This is Nova Scotia.
This is Cole Harbour.
This is my town.
This is my house.
This is my mom and dad.
This is my basement."


Staal1187Crosby said...

OMG!!! This was the BEST!!! It's a really long commercial - I'm surprised they'd play it on TV, but I'll be looking for it.

So many funny parts. I liked when Max said, "It's unfair, you know this dryer by heart." :-)

Jay said...

best. commercial. ever.

JustAWriter said...

I tried to watch it but the video is unavailable now... :(

Stephanie said...

The video will say it's "unavailable" every now and again, but keep trying ... it'll probably be popular for a while!!

: )

CrackerLilo said...

I'm sure they'll be editing it down for future airings, but this is *very* cool and a lot of fun. It's a nice bit of hockey lore and makes their point about training. Crosby's still kinda shy, so it's inspired to pair him with Talbot, who brings him out and has probably never had a shy second in his life. Since I'm going to be a huge Bruins fan for the day tomorrow, it'll be great to see the Penguins represented, too! (And don't you know all the Flyers fans are gonna *love* this?!)

I don't know if I trust USA Today, incidentally. I still haven't forgiven them for falsely reporting that Guerin would be posing nude in the ESPN Body Issue. (And even though it's technically their mistake and not his, I still think he needs to make up for it--like, with a Wrangler jeans commercial.)

Stephanie said...

@CrackerLilo -- I LOVE your thinking there ... I agree with everything you said, but I'M IN HUGE FAVOR of Guerin making it up to us with a Wranglers commercial or something of that sort ... it would be PERFECT!!!!!

; D

Man, I LOVE my HftL readers!!!!! ALL OF YOU (especially when we're on the same lines of thinking!)!!!!!

Maureen said...

I've only watched this 8 times now and my love for it just grows. It is too awesome to be true.


Ashlen said...

Awwww beat me to it,
I was gonna email this to you!
But God. BEST. commercial ever!
Soooo adorable ;)

Allie said...

best freakin commercial ever!
"i don't want to hear any excutes"
Sid is the best!

Cat said...

I agree with everyone else that this has got to be one of the greatest commercials ever! I know it's a bit long for tv, but just getting to see it in it's full length is AWESOME!!!
Lilo is SO right - it was inspired to use Max in the commercial too. You get to see a glimpse of the "little boy" still in Sidney when Max teases him.
For what it's worth - I heard that only the dryer was recreated. The basement is the real thing.
Lastly - can we have the whole team doing a wrangler's commercial? Or maybe have them do them one at a time? :D

staalzielover11 said...

"sorry mr. crosby!" hhaha... ive only watched this like 10 times now..haha.. this commercial is to die for! and do any of you think that when both sid and max take off their jackets its an OMG moment and u have to remember to breathe..haha.. cause i sure forgot to! lol

Stephanie said...

@staalzielover11 -- I, for one, did get that "OMG" moment when they take their jackets off (that's so funny because I always feel like "am I the only one?" and it always ends up that someone else feels the same way) ... that's one of the things I love about this blog and bringing all of us together - it proves the that that we're all alike and feel the same way and I think it's just the most amazing thing!!!

THANKS for posting and keep 'em coming!!!

; )

Anonymous said...

this is the best ever! my two pen crushes! <3

Maureen said...

okay... now that i've watched it almost 10000000000 times, my favorite part (aside from the removal of jackets & Sid winning with his eyes closed) is when Max hits the ceiling with his stick after a miss, and he goes "Sorry Mr. Crosby."


staalzielover11 said...

i have watched this once again for the umpthteenth millions time..haha.. and i still get the OMG feelin every time with the jackets! haha they can do that everyday and ill be thrilled! haha and "i just broke sidney crosbys most famous dryer!" haha!

EHisCDN said...

"This is Nova Scotia,
This is Cole Harbour,
This is my town,
This is my house,
This my Mum and Dad,
this is my basement"
Is it sad that I recited that from memory?

Fav lines:
"Gotta celebrate /while/ I'm first" It's like Max knows he's going to lose
"Sorry Mr. Crosby"
"It's unfair, you know this dryer by heart"
[puts button on] "good as new"
"4-4" one second later"5-4" and he says it so fast
"Come on!"
"I don't wanna hear any excuses"
"How many goals you got game seven? I got two"

I saw this like a week ago but I still keep watching it ;)