Wednesday, December 23, 2009

HOLY BALLS that's a Rock!!

Photos courtesy of People Magazine and Ottawa Citizen

If the size of that engagement ring reflects how much Mike Fisher is in love with Carrie Underwood then I'd say she's set for life!! LUCKY GIRL!!
A spokesperson from the Diamond Information Center estimates thebrilliant round diamond comes in at whopping five-plus carats, with an estimated value of close to $150,000.
Really - is that all??!!! No, seriously ... compared to his salary I'd say that's a drop in the bucket, so maybe she isn't set for life although, according to Ottawa Citizen, you "can't put a price on love."

Regardless, she's wearing more on her one little finger than I'll ever see in a lifetime!! CONGRATULATIONS to the love birds!!!


Val said...

Beautiful ring for a beautiful woman!

ilovehockey said...

awwwwww im so excited for them i loveee carrie underwood so muchh and they are just 2 cute together! yayy :)

Ashlen said...

awwww thats a gorgeous ring.
so is she :)
in other words, agreed with val!

Maureen said...

Great ring... I'm so excited for them. They seem really happy together!

Cat said...

That is one serious ring! Bling indeed!
I wish them both the very best. They seem like a really good couple.