Sunday, December 27, 2009

Interesting Development: Hartnell and Carter

It seems that the rumor about Jeff Carter having an affair with Scott Hartnell's wife which was first posted on The Philly Four blog) has "enraged" (if you call whining to the media for an article "enraged") him.

This is seriously ridiculous and I normally take offense when negative judgement comes to a blog / blogger for things that I have done myself, so I posted a few comments of my own on the

I can't believe the amount of people that are actually giving this kid a hard time!! Seriously - get a life!! This isn't a media blog and he never said it was fact! Being a hobby-blogger myself (and picking up on this "rumor"), I realize how easy it is to post news and rumors that I innocently come across over the internet and usually do making sure to post the source. And for crying out loud, the Flyers (Hartnell and Carter) are actually distraught over this??? Give me a break!!! They're professional players and should prepare themselves for this type of crap because it's part of the deal, people!! Rumor or not, they put themselves and their business out there whether they like it or not -- it's the way it goes when you're in the public eye - people want to know about you and most LOVE the little "dirty secrets!" For it to affect them like the Inquirer alleges is really sad and pathetic on the part of the players and organization -- why don't they spend more time trying to fix their team instead of going after innocent fans / bloggers!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!

Give the kid a break!! He’s not a professional blogger and NOT part of the media!! It’s a free country and the last time I checked we have the right to free speech (he didn’t say it was fact!)!! The difference between reporting on the players and his family, as a commentor suggested, is the fact that the players are in the public eye and should prepare themselves for this crap!!! For Hartnell and Carter to say it’s affecting them and their play is really pathetic and sad for the Flyers. The entire organization should spend more of their time trying to form a winning team then going after innocent fans / bloggers — REALLY RIDICULOUS!!!

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