Wednesday, October 28, 2009


(these playlists also appear as a list on the left hand side of this blog)!!

[VERY broad spectrum of music here - COOL!!]

  • Tweeter and the Monkey Man -- Headstones
  • Runaround Sue -- Dion (and the Belmonts)
  • Rough Hands - Alexisonfire
  • The Hand that Feeds -- Nine Inch Nails
  • Papa Loved Mama -- Garth Brooks
  • Three Little Birds -- Bob Marley
  • Wait and Bleed - Slipknot
  • Times Like These -- Foo Fighters
  • Kids -- MGMT (formerly "The Management")
  • Electric Feel - MGMT
  • Big Me -- Foo Fighters

What I'm hoping to do eventually is find a widget that I can just load the songs of each player on my blog, so check back soon (I remember seeing / using one before, it's just a matter of finding it again!)!!

I compiled these lists by listening to the "Penguins Playlists" on Penguins HD2 radio station.


Rebel Heart said...

Garth Brooks! Yes!
That was literally the ONLY song I knew from that list*

Unknown said...

i support this list!!

Stephanie said...

@Rebelheart87 - I haven't heard of alot of the songs on the players lists, but after listening to them I end up liking them and

@Amy - I also support Godard's list - these are really awesome songs (and I just can't get "Electric Feel" out of my head and I've been listening to it constantly!)!!


Unknown said...

WOO! LOVE the Foo & Alexisonfire!! Godard's list is by far my fave!

Unknown said...

ge@stephanie - NIN and slipknot make for a good list! would like to see what else he likes!..

~*Kiley said...

Gods and I would get along famously. I'll listen to just about anything and it looks like he's the same way!! :)

I don't usually do stuff with screaming, but "Rough Hands" is AMAZING. Dear Eric Godard - continue destroying people and introducing me to new music. I approve. :)