Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yes - I DO Know Who I AM and I'M PROUD OF IT (THANKS for the Link, Bitch!)!!!!!!

I just wanted to voice my opinion right now because I came across something that is really pissing me off (and I think it would piss some of you off too). It's not only poking fun at me, but alot of readers of this blog along with the things that alot of us enjoy.

Let me begin by saying that obviously being in your 20's gives some of us a free license to be a large, mouthy, ignorant bitch (YEA, BITCH!)!!!!!!!

Even though I understand its a little weird to post a rant like this without directing it to someone / somewhere, giving a link, or even giving more information, I really don't feel that this is something that is deserving of anyone else to see especially when it will no doubt upset other people aside from me. I would just rather not do that to anyone else - honestly. I really have to get these thoughts out of my head and I'll be done with it. And to be even more honest, I don't want them getting any undeserved traffic to their sites - NOT FROM ME ANYWAY!!

HftL is accepting of everyone and judges no one, but these chicks - from the very beginning of this blog - have done nothing but run their big mouths, made fun of everyone / everything that is different from who they strive hard / claim not to be and, ABOVE ALL, have perfected the fine art of being a superficial, judgemental, raging BITCH (only to be supported / followed by like-minded individuals AND small-minded individuals who don't have a sole thought of their own!)!!! What's amusing is that some of their present followers started out as followers of HftL -- if they only knew!!!!!! Hypocritical little assholes - and YOU know who YOU are - they're even making fun of some of your friends too!!!

HftL was created in order for ladies (whom they openly make fun of) to have a place to go to feel normal, safe to share thoughts and emotions, and just be a typical hockey-loving / hockey player-loving, red-blooded female. And honestly, they're the same, but do it in such a way that it appears to be a joke -- I've always been told that 50% of jokes are the truth anyway (so you figure it out my bitchy little "friends!")!!!!! It's pretty easy to make fun of people from behind a computer screen!!

What's the big deal about age??? Honestly, they have NO IDEA how old I am - NONE unless they're talking to other male hockey fans (who really wouldn't know either) who seem to get off on younger female hockey fans such as themselves whom would also be jail bate just a few short years ago (SUCK IT and stop supporting men who indirectly hold you to different standards and are too busy ignoring their own lives and reality in order to run their mouths to write daily novels on their opinions and thoughts which no one with any brain would give two crocks of shit about -- oh these men do take the time every so often to objectify women who were also jail bait only a few short years ago, if not STILL ARE, and I think it's pretty funny how these chicks will allow men to act like that and think it's OK but always point out FELLOW FEMALES who do similar to that with men (in a much less obnoxious manner), but make it out to be weird and perverted -- they actually look at these males "manly" or something -- WHATEVER, freaks - you dumbshits are actually allowing them to make fun of ALL FEMALES - even YOU - not just the ones you're making fun of yourselves!)!!

[OH, and I just want to mention to one certain male fan of yours that the "Cup" they have at the HHOF isn't the REAL one and the day he went to visit it - no matter what day that was / would've been - wasn't a day that the REAL ONE happened to be there - you were dry humping the wrong Cup you moron - it's a REPLICA - and if he was anykind of hockey fan, he would be aware of that!)!!!]

I have one more thing to say about age - SWEETIE, your vagina doesn't magically shrivel up and turn to dust when you turn a certain age and I AM CERTAIN that you will be finding that out in just a few short years -- as crazy and opinionated as you are with your blogs -- I would bet my life on your turning into the very women you currently make fun of. At least we turn our free time and passion into something that is positive and isn't going to negatively affect someone -- you, on the other hand, are so small that you spend your time making fun of people and things that you feel too arrogant to understand -- GROW UP!!!!!!!!

YES, my husband is ok with what I do because (1) he's not a fucking bully who tells me what I can and cannot do / think / feel / say, (2) he's a big enough man and confident enough in himself and our relationship to realize that, like him, I have not died and lost the will to look at the opposite sex because we gave each other matching rings, and (3) understands that this is something that is an enjoyable part of my life that makes me happy, so he's all for it which makes him MY BIGGEST FANTASY MAN OF ALL (SUCK THAT LADIES and maybe if you stopped being such a bitch and took the time to stop denying who you really are, you too would have that kind of a husband - or at least a husband to talk of)!!!!

And as a side note, his asshole friend who isn't big enough to make fun of him to his face is the biggest piece of shit of all. At least my husband loves and respects me enough to confront someone to defend me when he knows they've crossed the line (only to have that friend act like the chump he is and talk / make fun of it to other people who have NO CLUE what actually went on (or who have a clue at all!))!!! FUCK OFF!!!

Bottom line is that we're all alike and all human beings and none of us are perfect even if we claim to be (I'm sure there are TONS of things you don't like about yourself that you would be making fun of it was someone else!). There's always a fine line we're walking no one matter who we are - no one can avoid that when they look themselves in the mirror.

Regardless of what this results in, this will be the first AND final time that you will hear me talk about this because I don't make it a point to waste my time thinking / talking about other people's issues with me -- I say my peace and move on (I can't say the same for others, nor do I care)!! But I do feel the need now and again to defend myself and what I believe in especially when it's to someone that has no clue!!

HAVE A NICE DAY - I hope I gave you more topics for your blog since it seems to be one of the things that keep it going since you have nothing more interesting to write about!!! : )


Kirsi said...

yikes! good to be honest, though.

i enjoy your blog, even though i wish the hotties on the CBJ got more love ;)

that game last night :(

Aubrey said...

obviously being in your 20's gives some of us a free license to be a large, mouthy, ignorant bitch

Darn! I must have missed the day they passed those out :P Feel a little better having vented?

@Kirsi - It is kind of a shame that there's been no mention of Derick Brassard as yet.

Stephanie said...

@Kirsi - I know we miss alot, but there's just SO MANY good looking HP and only so much we can fit on here at one time -- i'll definitely make a note!!

@Aubrey - I'm not normally bitchy, but when I'm provoked, I feel the need to defend myself!!! I do feel just a little better having vented and I hope you (or any other of the readers) weren't offended -- thats why I said "some" are given a free license -- I realize not all ladies in their 20's are like that, but some of the chicky bloggers do get a little full of themselves and tend to joke at others expense -- there's no excuse for it.

We are ALWAYS open to suggestions so if you have a FAV we've overlooked / haven't covered, feel free to let us know!!!

THANKS for the comments ladies -- ALL WECOME!!! : )

Kirsi said...

my personal favorite (after rick nash... sigh) is rostislav klesla. he has an awesome name, great hair, pretty eyes... apparently he has an attitude problem though (?).

@aubrey Brassard.. hehe

Aubrey said...

Me neither. (Not offended, I mean.)

You all do such a good job of covering the various players, that I figured it just hadn't been his turn yet :)

Zigh said...

W/e anyone says... I love this blog and I love all the people that help make it possible and keep it running.

Keep up the good work and f@#$ the haters... 'cuse the French =P

Melissa said...

I think your hubby is awesome to defend you, even thought you don't need defending! Your blog is awesome and does exactly what you said it does--give us a place to go and chat/comment about things that we like! Our lives are better off because of it. And some of us have made lifelong friends as a result. We should be saying thank you, rather than hurtful things! To the jerk who is your hubby's friend, let's have a panel, all of us vs. him with our hockey knowledge and knowledge of any other sport. Let's put him in his place!! Oh, and I will personally whip him on the golf course! I'll even give him strokes and still embarass him! :)

p.s. now you've got me totally intrigued as to who is saying these awful things on their blogs and why I have not heard about this before?!?! lol

Anonymous said...

I may only be 18 but I support you in everything you say. There are literally bitchy girls out there that just need to shove it.
Keep on doing what you do! We love it Stephanie! :)

Val said...

Glad you got that off your (ahem!) chest :) Love this blog, it is awesome, and by the previous comments so do go, girl!

Cat said...

Stephanie I cannot tell you how sorry I am that you have had to deal with such cowardly vipers. They are the "mean girls" of the internet and truly enjoy hurting others. They are shallow human beings with a pathetic need to make themselves feel superior to others through a pack-driven brutality. They will never know the happiness you do.
Just remember that you are a wonderful woman of great integrity, beauty and an amazing mix of intelligence, dedication and humor.
Please know that the true fans of this site are all behind you and truly care about you.
Best wishes to you.

Jane said...

I'm a 26 y/o female, and I know personally how hard it can be to enjoy hockey without people (men and women) who feel like their knowledge is far superior, etc... why can't we all just sit back, enjoy the game, and feast on the eye-candy when we so desire? ; )
I love HftL and the steel city sports fan... keep it up, and don't let the jerks get you down!

EHisCDN said...

What made you want to rant like this? I'm sorry if some puck bunny was running her mouth. I'm an 18 yr old and I don't feel the need to be some *itch online because...well I don't even know why people would act like that online.

I'm with Melissa let's take that jerk down, I'll contribute my knowledge of baseball!

Unknown said...

I have been reading your blog on and off all year. You are doing a great job and don't let the haters bring you down. Just hang in there. and snailpaw was right,why can't we just enjoy ther game and feast on the eye candy. Have a good week Stephanie, and I like the Penguin's playlists

Anonymous said...

Well said Stephnie! I don't have a clue what you are venting over but I agree with everything you said and I'll back you up any day.

Unknown said...

who ever your talking about is not nice